Friday, February 28, 2014


Simply put….sweet, thoughtful, funny, and genuine. All of these words may seem a cliché in describing a man, but every guy makes every girl think and feel a certain way. Everyone can love, but everyone loves in a different way and no one can love someone the same way twice. James is the kind of person that gets roses for you when you say you are not feeling good. However, if James were to describe himself….he would say that he “is a baseball player”.
Music artists are passion about music, writers are passionate about books, and James Wharton is passionate about baseball. He has been playing for his whole life and has many accomplishments. Last year James was the MVP of his team at CSULA, he broke the Homerun record, and he got Male Athlete of the Year in the entire sports department- impressive. Nevertheless, to James, these awards are “nice”. His humbling and modest reaction to all his success is inspiring and admirable; it shows the true colors of his genuine honest personality.

Although James’s dreams of becoming a baseball player in the MLB were cut short when he did not he make the draft, he still shines bright with enthusiasm for the game. He is now an assistant coach on the team and coaches 3 league club teams for younger kids. He loves teaching, playing and watching the game and he will continue to pursue his love baseball.


Most would walk by or overlook this picture. It took a 13-year-old boy to make it mean something to me. Walking into a room filled with sports equipment, smelly clothes and computer gadgets all over the place, I found myself awed staring at a giant poster of this picture on my little cousin’s wall. Of all his hobbies, interests and immaturity, I would have never guessed in a million years to find this picture hanging up on his wall.
“Why Harry? Why do you have this picture?”
For him, this was the “coolest” picture of all time. I was looking at him as he explained to me how none of the men had a care in the world. They were hundreds and hundreds of feet up in the air, and yet they took the time to dangle their feet and enjoy their lunch. They woke up to work; they were the working men of their time, the men who built the foundations of our city under our feet. He then told me his dreams of becoming the greatest engineer of all time and how he will be the working man of his generation. Such a mature and incredibly modest and humble reflection coming from him was a moment that I am sure I will never forget.

As he told me his thoughts I no longer saw my little baby crazy cousin- I saw a young man.  How time flies. The little boy who use to run around the house in his Spiderman undies and rollerblades; The little boy who use to go into his moms closet only to put on her red high heels and runway walk up and down the hallways- This little boy, now growing into a man, a working man.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Everything you've ever known, you've ever wanted, you've ever loved- never looked so minuscule. The greatest of all time, and the most evil...all on this one spot. This picture is such a perspective breaker for me. Kinda makes me think that nothing matters. Yeah, we live and survive and thrive as humans, but for what?? To become something we call "happy'- to become something that we made up ourselves? With all the limitations and expectations from society, humans are just another "inhabitant" or virus on the planet earth. Claiming we own this and that, when in reality, the reality of space and time, we are NOTHING.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Everything Happens for a Reason- My Manifesto

Although most people will refer to this as a “quote”, "saying” or “myth”, I refer to these words as stability for my life. I sincerely think that everyone on this planet has a plan from a Devine being. With these words, I gain courage, hope, satisfaction and appreciation in my life.

Often times it seems that our society has lost its way. We are too busy trying to survive that we forget to live. Education and family pump these views of our future and how we have to set goals and dreams to be successful. However, in my honest opinion, I think that we (and by "we" I mean my personal observation on the people around me) are stuck in our future. That is not a typo. I think that people are so focused on living for their future that they reflect on the past and live in the future…there is no present in between! Whether it is getting that dream job, or having that great family- many are so overwhelmed by expectations of their future that they lose their present.

That is where I come in. I think that living in the now is crucial to happiness and success. I take risks, I take opportunities and I love. I am never afraid to do any of these beautiful things in my life. “Well what if you make the wrong decision and get in trouble?” This is where my philosophy comes in- everything happens for a reason. Of course, my decisions are made upon my ingrained morals and values and it is these features that give me the confidence to do whatever my plan has in store for me. Of course, I am not going to take the opportunity of shooting up some meth behind a dumpster, but I would take the opportunity of going to a Drag Queen show before that opportunity- you catch my drift here?
“There are those who see, those who are shown and then see, and those who don’t see”- Da Vinci. I choose to see all that I can possibly see without being shown. I do not want to be stuck in the limitations that our society has put on my life and let them dictate my own success. The fact that most people will disagree with me on this that I should work hard now to build my future just proves my point and reinforces my thoughts on how no one is living anymore. I KNOW what I want to do, I am chasing what I want to do, and I am enjoying the ride to get there. I work hard and I play hard, I make my success and I rely on the plan that the Devine has set for me
This blog reflects my life, my thoughts and my experiences! I hope you enjoy and possibly open your eyes to see what I see.

Realize, real eyes, real lies.


I saw this and i thought it was So Sweet. I know that I'm not on having kids for a long time...a VERY long time but I know that this is definitely something I want to do with my children.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Funny Article

I read this article and thought it was hilarious....hope you enjoy

My Art Project

So I felt artistically inclined this weekend and did my own arrt project. Using some MILK, FOOD DYE, AND AJAX SOAP I made some beautiful creations. This is what I came out with.... and yes, I am a dork.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the result of my art project! They remind me of space and nebula's. Considering that space is a huge passion and i watch documentaries every night, this project was a complete SUCCESS!!!