Thursday, January 30, 2014


Last night me and my best friend went to a country bar called BORDERLINE. With the help of some blue moons, and some really bitchy girls, we came up with a list of "girls that go out". There is the-

These girls get really dressed up and take pictures of themselves all night and never literally all night. Then at the club or bar, they post pictures and updates on their social media saying how classy they are. 


These girls always drink way too much and need a babysitter by the end of the night. They are the ones that ALWAYS want to go out but can never hang-oh and don't forget wherever they go it will smell like throw up.


The name was coined from our friend Colby who is an attention whores. They always drink a little bit but end up on tables or laying on the dance floor. There is no way that they could get that drunk off 2 shots and there symptoms include: loud, obnoxious, annoying.


These girls dance all night and sweat up a storm. They are firecrackers and you always have to question if they are on drugs. If they spin too fast, be prepared for some over spray. Every party they go to is the "best party ever".

So this is the list we came up with for all the girls we have observed. I have to say, I have been guilty of all of thee above....except THE COLBY....everyone hates the colby.

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