Thursday, February 6, 2014

Photo to Photo

 I'm a fan of images. In class we looked at several images...and for some of them it took me a while to see their beauty. However, after discussing them, it was then that I saw their rawness and magnificence.  Whether they are edited or not, I just cant help but adore them. But personally, I prefer the raw ones. I tend to get annoyed when I see pictures of nature and other stuff which have been  excessively enhanced from facebook or instagram. It's more satisfying to see the real thing; provided the photo is of good quality. I also love various works of art. I just admire artistic people, especially those who have wild imaginations and unique ways of displaying their gift. So here are a couple of my fav-
Simplistic, beauty, peaceful. It makes me want to lay in a field and look at the sky.
Of course this is art and not a photo, but the colors are so magical and I love the contrast. It makes me think life can be simple if I let it be.

This photo is edited, but I think it is beautiful. Its whispers such a beautiful and mysterious essence. I want to be there.

I have loved this photo for a long time. It screams passion and courage. Sometimes, I just want to get a way and jump for what I want. there are so many interpretations for this picture that I love it.

This photo is humerus and artistic. I love how someone had the freedom and incentive to make this and take  picture of it,

This piece is so detailed and complex. It has such intricacy and yet it shows such a dull colored animal.

I have a passion for sand dollars. Whenever I go to the Beach...which is very often- it makes my day to find one of these precious gens. This picture shows such beauty in nature's beauty.

 Love and Nature. That is all.

This photo is enhanced but speaks such beauty. Loneliness, rare, free, bliss, bliss, sadness, hope...It can go on and on and on.

My brother actually sent me this picture a while back and said that it looked like me. Although I disagree and think that the girl looks nothing like me, I do feel that the vibrancy of color captures my personality.

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