Friday, February 28, 2014


Simply put….sweet, thoughtful, funny, and genuine. All of these words may seem a cliché in describing a man, but every guy makes every girl think and feel a certain way. Everyone can love, but everyone loves in a different way and no one can love someone the same way twice. James is the kind of person that gets roses for you when you say you are not feeling good. However, if James were to describe himself….he would say that he “is a baseball player”.
Music artists are passion about music, writers are passionate about books, and James Wharton is passionate about baseball. He has been playing for his whole life and has many accomplishments. Last year James was the MVP of his team at CSULA, he broke the Homerun record, and he got Male Athlete of the Year in the entire sports department- impressive. Nevertheless, to James, these awards are “nice”. His humbling and modest reaction to all his success is inspiring and admirable; it shows the true colors of his genuine honest personality.

Although James’s dreams of becoming a baseball player in the MLB were cut short when he did not he make the draft, he still shines bright with enthusiasm for the game. He is now an assistant coach on the team and coaches 3 league club teams for younger kids. He loves teaching, playing and watching the game and he will continue to pursue his love baseball.

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